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Newborn Photography

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Newborn Session

Tiny Toes - $225 for 1-2 hour shoot with just baby, up to 2 posed setups with 10 digital images.

Button Nose -$350 2-4 hour shoot with parents/siblings, prop and beanbag photos. Includes 20 digital images

Newborn Sessions are best when done before the babe turns 10 days new, but can be done up to 6 weeks of age. These sessions are done indoors either at my house or the clients, if we want to include siblings or parents we will! Standard turnaround rate of 2-3 weeks to receive edited images via online gallery with print release allowing you to print pictures wherever you'd like.


You should expect a very calm and quiet atmosphere. Your sweetie might fuss when he/she needs feeding or special soothing time from mom/dad, but newborn sessions are all about pleasing your newborn. I have lots of warm comfy blankets and swaddling fabrics. A gentle touch and slow movements help in the peaceful posing of your baby. Most of the posing will occur on a large bean bag designed specifically for newborn photography. I will do my best to capture special images of your precious little one.


Birthdays are typically a pleasant surprise. As a photographer, I completely understand that, and I am more than willing to work around your labor/delivery schedule. When you purchase your Newborn Session, tell me your due date, so we will have a general idea of when your delivery is possible. Once you have your little one in your arms, email/call me and we will schedule the session more concretely. Newborn Sessions are best held within the first 10 days of birth. During those first 2 weeks, your baby will sleep most of the day and be more willing to be posed for his/her first professional photos.


Newborn sessions last 2-3 hours, depending on the cooperation level of your little one. Please plan accordingly. Some babies sleep so deeply that posing and changing props are a breeze and things happen more quickly. Other sweeties are light sleepers and need lots of soothing and extra love to cooperate by falling asleep. Your little one is new to the world and to ensure peace, we will allow him/her to run the show.


Because newborn sessions are held almost entirely in the nude, the diaper will be off the majority of the time you are in my studio. Accidents happen and there is no need to apologize or worry about if a mess will happen. It’s natural and it’s expected. Just make sure you bring extra wet wipes and diapers. All the blankets/props get washed/sanitized after each session.


If you desire images of you with your baby, I usually photograph those poses first. During the ‘baby only’ portion of the session, I might ask you to assist in certain poses where an extra set of hands is desired. Other than that, you will mostly sit back and relax while I do the posing.
When your baby needs soothing or feeding, I will leave you with the baby until he/she is sleepy and ready to continue the session.


I love taking family portraits and I can photograph siblings with the new baby before the ‘baby only’ portion of the session begins. I do, however, ask that once the family photos are complete, you provide alternate care, away from the studio, for any children under 10 years of age and/or any children who would rather not sit quietly during the remainder of the photo shoot. Newborn sessions require a very quiet and calm atmosphere. We have to keep the baby as relaxed and sleepy as possible. There will be lots of whispering.


Plan to feed your baby when you first arrive at my studio. If you feed your little one before you leave your home, you will start the sleep cycle in the car seat on the way to the studio. That is definitely not what we want to happen. Instead, we want the sleep cycle to begin after you have arrived for your session. That way, your baby will be more likely to sleep during the posing and prop/set changes.
Make sure you bring extra bottles. Babies almost always eat more during a photo session. Keeping the tummy full keeps the baby satisfied and soothed, so sleep comes more easily.

Between feeding times, it is very helpful to have a pacifier available. Even if you do not plan to use a pacifier with your little one, it is recommended to bring one for use during the photo session. We do whatever is necessary to keep your sweetie soothed and sleepy during the session, so we can get those special poses.

Pack 2 blankets for use during the session that you wouldn’t mind having a little mess on. I use a space heater when necessary to keep the baby warm, but blankets help so very much.

Definitely bring any special props you wish to include in the session: hats, bows, headbands, jewelry, crown, blanket, toy, or item from parent’s job or hobby. If you want a special prop used or need help with ideas, let me know before your session so I can plan accordingly. I enjoy planning theme setups for a few special poses.


If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, just send me an email or give me a call. I want you to feel prepared and comfortable bringing your new little one to see me. I look forward to seeing him/her through my lens!

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