Don’t worry, we’ve got this! I know there’s a lot to consider when making sure your custom photo session goes off smoothly, but I’m here to help! I’ll walk you through every step, from concept to print, to make sure you get exactly what you envision and enjoy the heartwarming memories of whatever season you want to capture for generations to come. 


GOOD! Me too! And that is why I LOVE being a family and newborn photographer! I get to spend my time with sweet Mommas like yourself who deserve to have someone take a moment and capture the sweet connection between you and your family while you snuggle up together.

Do you believe with every fiber of your being that the small moments with your littles are the things that really matter? And you want them captured!

I do too! When I am shooting a family, newborn or maternity session, I like to snuggle a family up together in a spot with some gorgeous lighting and snap away while they cuddle, play, and laugh. I don't want you to ever forget the way your sweet little ones make you feel, the funny grin your toddler makes that is unique to them in that stage, or the way it feels to hold your brand new baby against your chest. It is really the simple things we will someday miss the most and these are the moments I make a priority at every session. 

My goal is to make it to where you can walk through your house and see those moments that we captured every day. These are cherished memories and what better reminder of them than a beautiful framed image, canvas or whatever you choose. You hire a professional photographer to capture these moments for you and then most of the time that's it, they leave you high and dry and you don't get any guidance or help on where to get good QUALITY products from  for that session. Clients will spend anywhere from $200-$400 for an 'all inclusive' session that gives  the digitals and then they turn around and have those pictures printed at places like walgreens, cvs, walmart, shutterfly.. sound familiar? These places change (drastically I might add) the quality of your images. The colors aren't the same as what your photographer gave you. The paper is flimsy paper that will bend, wrinkle or fade quickly. I offer high quality archival worthy prints on thick heavy paper that doesn't wrinkle and is UV protected. Meaning-if you hang it in your dining room where the sun is shining through on it its not going to fade or get damaged. My products will stand the test of time. 

Schedule your consultation with me today and I would LOVE to show you what products I offer, where you can feel, see, and hold the products I am talking about. See for yourself what your investment goes towards when you're making these memories.